Upcoming Documentary

I just wanted to share a few photos with you from sessions filmed yesterday for an upcoming documentary.  The film is still a work in progress and won’t be completed for a while.  However, it will, in part, focus on how mediumship can be a valid form of Grief Support.  Many of you who have read my books or had sessions yourselves may be able to relate to that concept.  I will keep you updated on the film as well as my role in it. 

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8 thoughts on “Upcoming Documentary

  1. Charlene Kirkpatrick says:

    I know you do so many readings but I had a phone session with you in July and you really enjoyed
    my husbands sense of humor. When I scheduled the session, I had no expectations of who would come through or what message would be given. Long story short, I was extremely done with my husband because he just was was cold to me for years, I didn’t even cry one tear when he passed.
    The last person I thought would come thru would be him. Didn’t care! Who was the first person through? Him! He took up the whole 83 minute session apologizing. I have accepted his apology
    and learned forgiveness..I am ever so glad I had the session. My life now is not full of the
    resentment I had for him. You are amazing George, and we share so many beliefs. Hope I can
    meet you on the other side. Your Arizona friend.


  2. Val Savidge says:

    Wow, Awesome, keep spreading the message George!
    I’m still wondering if you can facilitate a small group in Arizona in April….HPH Conference.


  3. nancy potter says:

    I was just sitting here watching America’s Most wanted and a segment about you came on. I was greatly impressed with you and your abilities. I am struggling with the loss of 3 ppl in my life. I looked up your info and unfortunately I could never come up with your fee for a session. But I will say thank you for giving me the hope that one day I may be reunited with them again. Never stop doing what you are meant to do.


  4. Ann says:

    Hi George –
    So much of what you have been conveying to us here about what our loved ones want us to know and try to embrace and understand is validated over and over if we will truly listen with our hearts and inner voice. I have recently come across the work of Michael Newton and his years of study and work about souls between lives. So much of it correlates what you also share from the souls about our growth and how the journeys lead us back to the source of love and connectedness. Thank you for sharing your gifts and how we can grow in our journeys.


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