Helping Parents Heal Livestream

The Helping Parents Heal first National Conference is just two weeks away. I’ll be giving the keynote address on Friday. If you were not able to get tickets or are not able to travel to Arizona, Helping Parents Heal is making a livestream available.

You can purchase admission for just my speech or for the whole conference here:

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Added 2018 Sessions

I have just released my available dates from July through October of 2018.  You can now schedule a session online for those months

As always, you can also contact my office at or 631-351-2972 for assistance scheduling your session.  Anyone looking to book a small group sessions must contact my office.  Those cannot be scheduled online.

For a full list of my 2018 schedule, check out the Available Dates page of this website.

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Upcoming Facebook Live

My next Facebook Live will be Wednesday, March 21st at 8pm ET. I’ll be speaking about my ability and answering your questions. All questions must be submitted during the Facebook Live. Remember, only one question per person, and I cannot answer questions about a specific individual in this setting.

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Long Island Event Reminder


For anyone coming to my event this Sunday (3/11) at the Studio Theatre in Lindenhurst. CLOCKS SPRING AHEAD that morning. We will be starting at 3pm sharp. So remember to change your clocks 1 hour ahead. #longisland #daylightsaving #springforward