Next Facebook Live

Mark your calendars. My next Facebook Live will be Tuesday, July 24th at 8pm ET. Since I wasn’t able to do one in June, I thought I’d give everyone an early heads up for next month.

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Happy Father’s Day

I want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads here and Hereafter! Even if your dad is not with you physically, take joy in knowing he is very much with you spiritually. The same is true for the fathers whose children are in the Hereafter. Until you meet again, recall joyful times and memories. Those will always be there. Always remember, each day brings you one day closer to being reunited with your loved ones who have passed.

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Four Appointments Left in June

I have just four appointments available in June.  All four are private, in-person sessions on Long Island.  If you would like to schedule one of these sessions, you can do so through my online scheduling system here or contact my office at or 631-351-2972.

If you would like to schedule a telephone session.  I do have limited availability in July.

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Australia Tour – November 2018

I’m happy to announce I’ll be doing a tour of live events in Melbourne and Sydney this November.  Tickets will be available soon.  These are the tour dates.

November 4 – Village Southlands 7:30pm
November 5 – Village Doncaster 7:30pm
November 6 – Village Karingal 7:30pm
November 8 – Village Knox 7:30pm
November 9 – Village Geelong 7:30pm
November 10 – Village Plenty Valley 7:30pm
November 12 – Village Sunshine 7:30pm
November 14 – Events Parramatta 7:30pm
November 15 – Events George Street Sydney 7:30pm
November 16 – Events Newcastle 7:30pm

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