Warning About Fake Sites

I just wanted to make sure you all know this is my official website. I have no affiliation with any other site.

My office was recently contacted by someone who came across my name by a site claiming to help people find reputable psychics and mediums. That site listed a phone number that was not connected to me in any way. It was a scam!! They were claiming they could get discounted sessions with me. Anyone offering discounted sessions with me is a scam.

The only way to schedule a session with me is through my website or directly through my office at info@georgeanderson.com or 631-351-2972.

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Upcoming Office Closure

My office will be closed next week, February 11th-15th. No calls or emails will be answered during that time. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please do so this week or wait until Monday, February 18th to contact my office.

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Personal Artwork

Time is running out to get one of my latest pieces of art including “Overcoming the Odds.” I have long been open with my struggles with depression and anxiety but wanted to depict the feeling I experienced when I was able to make it through those dark days. Using nail polish to depict my feelings, you see that the brightness of the yellow is beginning to overtake the darkness of the blues. This piece will resonate with anyone who’s felt the same way I have, but I hope that people realize that better days are sure to come.

Just search George Anderson Art on eBay.

Happy bidding!!! #abstractart #depression #spirituality #medium #grief #griefsupport

Auction Ending Soon

Check out my new artwork. You can find “I’m Soaring!!!” and several other pieces right now on eBay. Just search George Anderson Art. Hurry, the auction is over in just 2 days.

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Latest Artwork

This is one of my latest pieces “Poppy Flower.” Just a few days left to bid on this and several other new pieces up for auction on @eBay. Just search George Anderson Art.

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