Remembering September 11th

To all of those and so many others who experienced a tragic loss on this day of infamy, my condolences and compassion go to you. Especially since you are reminded of it every year by media, individuals, etc. Even though your loved ones are fine and in a happy place, I am sure it does not replace the loss and the fact they are not here any longer, physically. So painful for those left behind as we can only, for now, relate to that on a physical level. But, still, remember them, always knowing you will be reunited with them again one of these days. It will then seem as though the separation never took place, but the triumph of spiritual fulfillment will be such a joy for them and for you, as well. Pray for them and keep them close to your heart always until you meet again. It will happen! Each day is one day less and one day closer to the end of your spiritual fulfillment. Keep going for their sake and for yours. AMEN. 

#neverforget #september11th #medium 

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