Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I am making two MAJOR changes to my schedule:

1) For the safety of myself, my staff and those having sessions, ALL SESSIONS WILL BE CONDUCTED VIA TELEPHONE THROUGH THE END OF MAY.  I am opening up additional telephone sessions for those who are interested in scheduling one.  What’s the difference between a telephone and a private session?  I get this question a lot.  The only difference is that you don’t see my face.  Otherwise, the sessions work in exactly the same way. As always, you can schedule a session online here: or by contacting my office at or 631-351-2972.

2) I am TEMPORARILY reducing the cost of the sessions by more than 15%.  Session prices will now be $1000 (instead of $1200).  Those of you who know me know this is not something I ever offer.  However, due to the extreme circumstances of this pandemic and what we are all going through right now, I am adjusting my prices until things are better under control.  The cost of the session will return to normal when life begins to return to normal and we begin to recover from this crisis.

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March Facebook Live Announced

My next Facebook Live will be Monday, March 16th at 7:30pm ET. I will be answering your questions about my ability and the afterlife. I hope you’ll join me!

**Remember, all questions must be submitted DURING the Facebook Live. Please, only ONE question per person, and my staff asks the questions in the order in which they are posted. Asking your question multiple times will NOT get it answered any sooner. Also, I will NOT be able to answer questions about specific individuals in this setting.**

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Roses From Heaven

I want to share with you my latest piece of artwork. I am particularly proud of how “Roses From Heaven” came out. You can bid on this piece right now on

Just search George Anderson Art.

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