Short Documentary

The Dead Can Talk: A Conversation With George Anderson

George talks about growing up with his ability and skepticism in this 2016 documentary that includes a book signing event where George conducted readings of audience members.

Recent Interviews

Fireside Chat with Mama D

Podcast interview with Canada’s Darlene “Mama D” Angel.  The actual interview starts at 2:58 into this audio clip.


Everything Old Is New Again

Radio interview with Douglas Viviani and David Cohen broadcast on 28 stations in 26 states

Destination Unlimited

Podcast interview with Victor Fuhrman on August 17, 2016

The Paranormal Podcast

Interview with Jim Harold on August 9, 2016

The Kathryn Zox Show

George’s first interview in more than a decade aired on June 29, 2016


Televised Sessions

Contact: Talking to the Dead

This clip from the ABC primetime special shows George’s session with wrestler Bret Hart

Beyond Chance

George helps a couple who have experienced mysterious phenomena since the death of their son

The Extraordinary Part I

In this first episode about George, the show investigates his ability and plays George’s reading with a woman who lost both her husband and son in two tragic incidents.

The Extraordinary Part II

George gives a woman a message from her mother

The Extraordinary Part III

George helps a mother and daughter hear from their husband/father

Unsolved Mysteries

Investigating George’s ability to hear messages from the hereafter

Life Afterlife

A portion of the 1999 documentary in which George’s abilities are tested


In the News

Elevated Existence Magazine

June 2016
Life Between Heaven and Earth chosen as a June Book Pick

Mystic Living Today

July 2016
Excerpt from Life Between Heaven and Earth

The Edge Magazine

Life Between Heaven and Earth featured in New Books for Summer 2016