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134 thoughts on “Share Your Thoughts

  1. Mathew says:

    Hello George, Since my beloved wife crossed over 8 months ago I have read all of your books to tatters, they have been a source of comfort to me. I also watch the videos posted to your Facebook page and hang on every word. It is a desperate time for me as she is the center of my world. I had a phone session 2 months ago and replay it often, it makes me feel closer to her in a way, and I consider you a friend for allowing the communication to take place. I have been contemplating taking my own life, I have very little interest in being on this world without her. I know all you have written on the subject, but a thought nags me. Would my wife be there when I cross over if I take my life? Would I be separated from her because of what I had done? I am afraid. My soul wants to be with her so much, but I feel trapped here. Your thoughts would be most appreciated. Thanks


    • geo138 says:

      First of all, I am sorry for your loss. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but you must stick it out. Your wife’s love for you means she wouldn’t want you to suffer, but at the same time, she knows you must complete your journey. There was a reason that you were sweethearts in this life and you must take the lessons you’ve learned during your time together to live on. Whenever you feel downtrodden, you must remember your love for one another and focus on the good times you’ve shared. She will be there waiting for you WHEN YOUR JOURNEY IS COMPLETE. But now is not the time. I suggest you also contact the suicide watch hotline because they can suggest bereavement groups that will help you. The number is 1-800-273-8255.


    • Jackie Blue says:

      I don’t think your wife would want you to do that. If you remember, our souls come here for a purpose. To advance. Perhaps in this lifetime, your soul’s purpose or life theme for this incarnation is meant to deal with your current tragedy of losing your wife, to advance spiritually. She is with you right now. And you will see her again soon. If we have not experienced certain feelings through many incarnations though, we will come back to experience them in all their glory… growing spiritually through the knowledge we acquire in our heart. Suffering is part of that knowledge. Keep Advancing! Prayers are with you ❤


    • Really Organicrae says:

      Hi Matthew,
      I felt compelled to respond to your comment here. I just listened to Laura Lynne Jackson’s book The Light BEtween Us. She is a scientifically tested medium. I highly suggest it to you. She notes in the book that those that have taken their own life don’t seem to shine as bright on the other side. I agree with what others have said here – you are still here for a reason. Please do reach out to a friend or loved one or a hotline or someone skilled in helping those struggling with depression/grief/loss/suicidial thoughts. Please stay here!!!
      peace to you,


      • Mathew says:

        Thank you so much. I have managed to step away from the suicidal thoughts for now, but I must admit, they are always lingering in the background, a dark option to the despair that grips me. My wife and I have a very special love, one in a million some have said. My love, center of all things for 30 years. We are one, and I bumble along seeing and feeling the world as a half. I accept that I have been left behind here for a reason, one that I cannot grasp at this moment, but still, I eagerly await the conclusion of my journey so that I may return to her side.


        • butterflydreamz2night says:

          Hi Mathew,
          My son (20 years old) passed away unexpectedly passed away 4 months ago. I am gutted. I just want to say that I completely understand your feelings of suicide to be with your wife again, that longing. My son was my only child. I think of this often. The thought of spending another 20-30-or more years without him is completely overwhelming.
          **Please don’t mistake my words to be encouragement or support of suicide.**
          I have only posted to say “you are not alone”. Nothing more. Whatever your path is, please research it and make sure it is truely what you feel is best for you. I hope you find peace and resolve.
          Love to you.


  2. JoAnn says:

    Dear Mathew,in time the intense pain you feel will lessen,I promise you I know it does not feel that way now but time does help to ease that pain.God will not give you more than you can handle.Your beloved wife is just a whisper away,talk to her,she can see and hear you,she knows your pain but she also knows you must wait until your time comes,and when that time comes I know without a doubt she will be right there waiting but she wants you to not come before you are due to come. I hope it was okay for me to reply to your post,Im just a vistor here but I just wanted you to know you are not alone in this world,many of us have lost close loved ones and have wanted to be with our loved ones also,and in those dark times its really tough,but hang in there and know the time will come when your heart will feel lighter.Take good care,feel your beloved around you and watch for her signs,and when those signs come do not dismiss them or second guess if it is her sending you a message,anything that may trigger a memory and know when you think of her her soul is right there with you. May you be surrounded in love and light and given the strength to hang in there and eventually move forward. I wish you peace.


  3. JoAnn says:

    You are welcome Mathew,your story touched me and felt the need to reach out to you.My hope and prayer is for you to stay and in time find the peace you need. I would like to suggest to you to start a journal on the signs that you have had or will have. Prayers for Peace be with you

    Thank you George for allowing me to reach out to Mathew


  4. JoAnn says:

    George I have just watched some of your readings on youtube and I hope to have a telephone reading from you soon. I would like to know do you ever have pets that have come through in a reading. Thank you


  5. JoAnn says:

    Hi George,I am not a member of Facebook but my husband was,I do go in there from time to time but do not post..I listened to a few of the videos that would upload and I found them very interesting. Thank you for your reply and thank you for the link


  6. Judy Moring says:

    Hi George
    Youla Chapoval died in 1951. Mysteriously in his studio. Russian painter who lost mother and sister to Hitler’s madness. I saw a painting of his a few years ago in Shreveport la. had a hard time leaving the painting and have gone back to the gallery when I was able. Do you think we commune with those who pass in this manner?? And It is on my mind to pray for him. This I feel led to do. I pray just as much for those who are passed, Robin Williams, the young man sent home to his family from North Korea. Earthquake victims etc as much as those who are present
    Sometimes it’s just tears. When I feel unworthy or unfulfilled I’ve thought that maybe I am making a difference in my own way. An incredible orb presented itself to me a few years ago. I had a physiological response to it. Bliss pure and simple. Could it have been my mother whom I lived so very much??? Blessings to you.


  7. Carol says:

    Do the souls on the other side ever say they are sorry they left so soon and left a mess behind for you to clean up? I had a dream the other night and my deceased husband said that he never expected to go out the way he did and that he is sorry that he did not complete the projects he started on the house.


  8. JoAnn says:

    Hi George,thank you so much for the wonderful reading today,so much of what was conveyed to me via spirit were answers to my thoughts and questions I have had for quite some time. I was so excited and nervous when the reading began but soon felt right at ease.Afterward I went to lie down for my usual afternoon nap but was unable to sleep,the things that you shared with me kept running through my mind. I know I did the right thing by getting a reading,it was money well spent.You have an amazing gift and your gift helps to bring comfort and closure to us who have suffered losses.Thank you again and give those two precious kitties a pat on the head from me.


  9. Carol says:

    Do you believe that a person’s soul gives them a little advance notice that their time on earth is almost done. In the months prior to my husbands unexpected death, he started talking about how lonely it was going to be when one of us is gone and the other is left behind. He made me some wooden flowers and it was important to him that I knew he made them just for me because he knew I liked them so much. Just little things. He commented that if anything should happen to him I should probably sell the house because it was to much for me to keep up. I thought it kind of strange at the time but a few months later he passed away quite unexpectedly.


  10. Erika says:

    George: Good day, my father died 6 months ago, I was notified three days after it happened and I could not say goodbye to his remains, I feel guilty of everything that happened before his departure, and I would like him to know that I am sorry and that I loved him very much, this feeling does not let me live, I know about you, because he was a great admirer, he read me the book about you “We don’t die”. please tell me how I could let him know what I feel and that I regret everything that happened, please help me let him go.


    • George Anderson says:

      Unfortunately, I cannot help you with that. The souls have advised me to stick with my own ability which is why I don’t weigh in on anyone else’s. The only thing I can offer is that I have been trying to do a few live events each year where the ticket prices are between $50-$75 dollars. I do discernments of audience members during those events, but of course, you are not guaranteed a session.


  11. Grace A Gadsby says:

    Hey George!
    I was watching one of your Facebook videos last night. I think I might of misunderstood something that really upset me. Maybe you can help me out… You were talking about when we pass over we either go to a place that is all loving and beautiful or we go to a place where we don’t remember anything, we have a 50/50 shot. I don’t understand this comment? It seems to go against everything else you say. I am not sure if I spaced out for a second and missed something before this comment, but can you please explain?
    I believe and I thought you did as well that when we pass over we will be greeted by our loved ones ect. Our 9 year old son and I found his father/ my fiance dead on the couch this time last year. Our son see’s him sometimes. He asked his dad what is it like being the way you are? He answered by saying there is no pain here and if I want something all I have to do is imagine it and I have it. I get so many signs from him… I could go on and on with the things he does! But when I heard I could go to a place where I remember nothing, it was like being punched in the stomach. I am really looking forward to being with my love again.

    Thanks, Grace


    • George Anderson says:

      I believe you misunderstood what I was saying. Any soul who has come through speaks about being met by loved ones or pets in the hereafter as well as being free from all physical pains and ailments we experience here on Earth.


  12. Kathy Bell says:

    Hello George. Just finished your book, Walking in the Garden of Souls which I was especially interested in after losing our son 11 years ago at age 27. Quite soon after his death, he appeared to me vividly 3 times in dreams with the message that all was well and he was perfect. It comforted me very much. He has not appeared to me in that way since then and I was wondering if that is because his soul came back as another person. Can souls who choose to return to earth and currently occupy a different body still appear to us? Thanks for considering my question.


  13. Melissa says:

    Hi George,

    I just binged two of your audio books in 2 days, and they were great. I’m curious about reincarnation, if our souls are always on the other side when we reincarnate do we shed that former personality to become the new person we transition into?


  14. GRACE Gadsby says:

    Hi George!
    Are you able to tell me the time difference from this side and the hereafter? Does 1 month feel the same here and there? Can you please explain?
    There is a reason for this question. The reason is to much to write, hopefully we can meet soon.

    Thank You.


  15. Julie says:

    Hello George,
    I have read all of your books, and am now reading “Ask George”. I am so thrilled with this book that I will be ordering several more for loved ones who will benefit.

    My question is, is the book available in the Italian language! A friend has been suffering for several years, after losing her husband of 60 years, and to fully absorb your writing within this book, she would benefit from an Italian version.

    Thank you George for the gift you lovingly share. I believe this particular book would benefit every household, on a spiritual level.

    Love, Julie


  16. Mathew says:

    Hello George,
    I have recently in my reading come across the concept of “exit points” for souls. They are apparently preplanned opportunities for souls to return to the hereafter that occur at different times during a lifetime. If there is any validity to this, could a person like myself, who has lost the love of his life, and has little desire to continue, to consciously choose my next exit point? I would be grateful to know your thoughts, as I trust your opinion. Thank you


    • George Anderson says:

      I’m really not sure. We really don’t get there until we are supposed to be there. Our loved ones in the Hereafter just ask that we do our best to complete our journeys here, and all the souls I’ve heard from who did continue on with their journeys were thrilled to have made it to the finish line and to have persevered here on earth.


  17. Bonnie says:

    Hi George, I just discovered you and you’re books just recently! I am amazed at you’re abilities and I am really impressed with the way you explained yourself and experiences in “We don’t die”. I have so many questions, as we all do and if this is normal thinking, I feel like a little spec in this world amongst all the millions of people who would like to have a one on one with you. When we loose a loved one we can’t figure out how the world and everyone in it can keep going on. I have had experiences of my loved ones letting me know there still around. I think my big question is if our loved ones are with us still, can they see us in our physical and our surroundings?? Looking forward to listening to more of you’re books!!


    • George Anderson says:

      From what I can recall, I do feel they can see us here. They do not know everything as we may think though. But do the best they can to let us know they are near but on their terms not always on ours.


  18. James Keegan says:

    Hi George,
    First I want to say thank you for a wonderful reading I had with you on May 15. You were generous with the time as it went for about an hour and twenty minutes. The people I wanted to hear from came through, that being my entire family of mother, father and sister. You were right on pretty much everything but I have several questions that bother me about the other side.

    First my Mother came through saying she did not believe we had a dysfunctional family relationship, though it had it’s good points. I totally disagreed. granted they did the best they could and life was not horrendous. The dysfunction had to do with, and I will speak in a general way, a long term affair my mother had with another person.

    What made the reading funny is that the man, who my Mom had an affair with came through as well. He spoke in a general way not really saying much. The relationship was not acknowledged but he said he was friends with my Mom and Dad, which was true until they were not. Now I knew that this person had passed away recently and he came through stating that he is with my parents and are together in a good way.

    This evening I spoke with this gentleman’s daughter and it turns out he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head while his wife was in the home. It was awful, messy and many people were deeply hurt. From my understanding suicides go to a darker level and come across in different way then those who pass in a natural or accidental manner. In the reading there was no indication of this.

    So I guess I have two questions. 1) Can our loved ones be wrong in the afterlife about what transpired in real life? And 2) would not a suicide come through darker or at least indicate they had taken their life?

    Thank You


    • George Anderson says:

      I don’t think they can be wrong from over there, but perhaps sometimes do not really want to carry around “old baggage”as it serves no purpose now.
      Getting into complete harmony there is what is important for them and us. In regards to the individual you mentioned taking his own life, I have heard as you have from other books and such that they supposedly go to a “darker place”. I don’t really agree with that as in my sessions the soul comes forward differently depending on the circumstances. This individual was no doubt not in the right frame of mind. We also can’t pretend to know what nightmares were going through his head. Especially men, as sadly men do not talk comfortably about their feelings. The soul may not discuss their feelings right away. Perhaps, they need some time to rest and pull themselves together. The souls in the Hereafter do their best to show love and endless compassion; thus help the individual to help themselves. This can take time. Pray to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary on his behalf; and for the benefit of those left behind here.


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