Thank you, George. You have no idea how you’ve changed my life for the better. Your long, joyous session with my sister before she died opened my eyes to life after “death.” Life is never the same after you learn there is no real end to it. Namaste.


I think that George Anderson is absolutely the real deal. My mom and cousin went out to have a reading with him several years ago, and it was tape recorded. It was several hours, and it was amazing. My dad happened to come through to speak to my mom and it was extremely healing to … Continue reading Wendy


He is the most gifted medium in the world. I saw him 22 yrs ago, and I will never forget how amazing ..and worth every cent.  There was no guessing.  Any of you wishing to find peace… see George.


I was so sad when my dad died. I had a session with you, and my dad came through. You we’re delighted to meet him!! You actually said, “I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to meet this man. He is a great guy.”  It took away all my sadness and made me happy … Continue reading Dawn


Two years ago, my twin brother committed suicide. I just happened to be browsing Barnes and Noble when I stumbled upon your book “Life Between Heaven and Earth.” I almost never get these types of books because there are too many fakes who claim to speak with the dead, claim to know what awaits us … Continue reading Richard


My phone session with you this past week was truly uplifting and left me with so many positive feelings towards the souls who came forward.  Thank you 100 times over for availing yourself to those of us (probably the majority) who do not have your abilities.  Although in the past I tried to adhere to … Continue reading Jane


I saw you, George, in the early 80’s. You read me and my sister and cousin. We sat in your bedroom on folding chairs, and I remember your cat was there. She ran off when our dog (passed over) entered the room. At the time, we paid under $50 for our reading. We told you … Continue reading Susan


Just had the  most amazing phone session with George. So many loved ones came through with messages for me. I felt so close to them and very happy for this reunion! Thank you, George, you rocked my world!


Best money ever spent. Helped my wife and I in so many ways. George is an amazing individual and our sessions( we went twice) brought much peace. Thank you George! From the bottom of our hearts.


I will never forget the discernment we had in 1997, 9 months after my son passed.  You saved my life, I felt as if I couldn’t go on but you gave me the peace I needed.  I still cry for him because I miss him.  Everything you said came true even the fact that my … Continue reading Elaine


To everyone out there, I’ve had 2 sessions with George and I have to say that they were priceless.  There is no amount of money that can buy the knowledge and calmness you feel after meeting with him, so worth it!


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