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As I clean out my closets, I am making some items from my personal collection available. I bought this Episcopalian crucifix back in the 1980’s. It hung in my office for years. You can bid on it now on eBay. #spirituality #crucifix


I also have new artwork available on eBay. “The Hidden Creator” is made with melted crayons and is my take on depicting creation. You can bid on all my new artwork by searching George Anderson Art on eBay.

#abstractart #creation


St. Philomena Tile

This is another piece from my personal collection available on eBay. I bought this ceramic tile of St. Philomena in 1995 during one of my book tours. As many of you know, I have a special devotion to St. Philomena and this tile hung in my kitchen for many years. You can bid on this and several other sacramentals now.

#spirituality #stphilomena #saint #grief #loss #bereavement


Personal Collection

As I clean out my closets, I am making a few pieces of my personal collection available on eBay. This holy sacramental of St. Theresa was a gift for my 11th birthday. It comes with a handwritten letter from me verifying its authenticity. You can bid on it now!

#spirituality #sttheresa #saint #catholic #christian


St. Anthony

This is your chance to own something from my personal collection. This is a holy sacramental of St. Anthony I received when I was ten. I have hand written one of my favorite prayers on the back. St. Anthony has come up in many sessions over the years. I hope this will find a home where it can be cherished. You can bid on this and a few other sacramentals from my collection on eBay

#spirituality #stanthony #sacramental


Holy Ghost

You can now own one of my personal possessions. This beautifully kept 8″ x 10″ print of “The Holy Ghost” was given to me as a gift for my confirmation when I was ten years old. It is beautifully framed with a part of one of my favorite prayers on the back, hand written and signed by me. You can bid on it now – along with four other sacramentals from my personal collection – on eBay.

#spirituality #HolyGhost #holyspirit #sacramental


My Personal Collection

I am making more items from my personal collection available for bidding on eBay as I continue to declutter my home. I purchased “The Sacred Heart Of Jesus” on one of my earlier trips. On the back of this 8″ x 10″ frame, you will find one of my favorite prayers, “Laudes Divine”, hand written and signed by me.

#spirituality #Jesus #sacramental #catholic