Frequently Asked Questions

George Anderson has conducted thousands of private sessions, and although the protocol of the session may be familiar to us, this may be your very first time even thinking about communication with the souls through a medium.  We have compiled a list of  frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision about the possibility of a session, as well as prepare you for what you may expect as a participant.  If you have more questions that this page does not address, feel free to contact our office at

How does the session work?

The process of mediumship has been compared by George Anderson to the taking of a  Polaroid photograph–in the first few seconds of communication, the “picture” begins to develop, as the souls appear, and set about finding common ground with both medium and attendee. The only thing required of you in the session is that you understand and acknowledge the information being provided as the souls communicate.  Within seconds, the souls are able to communicate, and the souls start coming forward.  The souls already know why you have come to a session, and know who you are hoping to hear from.  There may be more souls who come forward than you had expected–but they know who you have the most need to hear from, and that soul will most likely do the most communicating.

How long after my loss should I wait before making contact?

The souls are able to communicate immediately.  There is no time of adjustment needed for the souls to reach out, and very often they are as eager to reach out to us at those first critical hours as we are to hear from them.  The issue is not with the souls, but rather with the bereaved. The right time to make communication with a loved one passed on is after some time and perspective.  We receive many desperate calls from people who feel they must make communication right away, but there needs to be some acceptance and understanding of the passing first.  There are many wonderful things that happen as a result of a session, but the session will not keep your loved one on the earth.  Once acceptance of loss has taken place and you feel strong enough emotionally, you can begin the process of understanding and learning about loss, both from those around you and your loved ones passed on.

 I hear that you can only say “yes” or “no” during a session.  Why can’t I ask questions?

Communication with the souls is not as random or vague as people have been led to expect.  The souls know very well that we will be at a session, and they are very eager to reach out to us.  They already know the issues we come to the session with, and they will do their best to accommodate the questions that we keep in our hearts, without our having to ask.  They know why you are hoping to hear from them, and they want very much to help you understand their world. If a medium is truly a conduit to the other side, you needn’t tell them anything–your loved ones should be able to provide all necessary and specific information about themselves.  Since George Anderson feels that the session is actually your loved one’s opportunity to use him to communicate to you, the only words you need to say in a session is that you understand the information that your loved ones are telling you through George.  It is completely up to the souls to prove to you that they are communicating, and they are very good at it.  The less you say, the more you will understand that your loved one did in fact communicate to you during the session.

What happens if nobody comes through for me?

We are happy to tell you that in 40 years of communication and doing sessions, there has never been an  instance in George’s career that the souls have not come through during a session.  We believe it is because George Anderson’s ability is extremely fine tuned and clear, and souls seem to have no trouble reaching out to their loved ones through him.  The souls are the sole arbiter of who will communicate during a session, but they know very well why you are attending a session and who you have the greatest need to hear from.  The souls also have differing levels of need to communicate to you as well, and those souls with the greatest need will communicate in depth during the session.

 Can I record my session?

We think it is a very wise idea to record your session, because it becomes hard to think, respond, and remember all at the same time during the session.  It is wonderful to have a record of the session to listen to afterwards.  Many have found the recording very helpful during those times after the session when grief is a little difficult to bear.  You will find that your loved ones chose their words very carefully to help you at precisely these times.   We do not allow videotaping of the sessions.  This unfortunately also includes the use of the audio portion of a videotape recorder.  We regret the inconvenience, but we have found that by and large, the small audio recording devices are far superior anyway and are much easier to operate during a session.  We strongly encourage those having either a private or telephone session to record the session.

You say you do not need any information from me, but I need to give you my name and address to get a confirmation letter.  What can I do to ensure that I can be anonymous?

George Anderson insists on complete anonymity of each person attending a session or group.  This is why he has a staff that handles the booking, confirmation and signing in of appointments.  We have found, however, that most people see during the session that the information communicated by their loved ones has very little to do with their name and address, and has even less to do with the sitter’s life.  The session is for the soul to communicate about their existence.  We encourage people who are concerned about giving any information to have all their correspondence  addressed to a friend, or to a post office box.  We also encourage people to use a false name if it makes them feel better.  It is not important to us–when it is time to attend your appointment or group, you need only answer to the name you gave yourself at the time of the enrollment.

What happens if I, or  someone attending an appointment with me, is a skeptic? 

Regardless of what a lesser intuitive may tell you, it is impossible for any negative energy on your part or those you are with to affect the communication from your loved one.  The communication has nothing to do with your willingness or unwillingness to hear the messages–your loved ones simply want to communicate to you, to help you understand that all is not lost to death.  We have often found that a skeptic is the best consumer–he/she has done their homework and has weighed the pros and cons of communication.  We have had many skeptics attend a session with George Anderson, and come out of the session with a very different perspective.  That is how specific and true the communication from your loved ones is.  Your loved ones in the hereafter will do their best to help you understand their world, but they will never try to alter your belief system.  That is part of the journey we are all on here.

Where are your private sessions held?

We currently hold our sessions in a personal conference room of a safe secure, comfortable hotel in Commack, Long Island.  Upon arrival to the hotel on the day of your session, you need only make yourself comfortable in the lobby–within a few minutes you will be met by a member of our staff who will answer any questions you might have, and at the appropriate time, escort you to the session room.   We have also arranged with the hotel to give out of town guests coming to see George a discount when they stay at the hotel. That information will be sent with your confirmation letter.

 Your programs are very expensive.  Why?

We understand that our private sessions are expensive, and it is our most difficult challenge.  In order to answer nearly 800 phone calls, 1200 emails and 200 letters each week that we receive from all over the world  requires a staff that works very hard, not only to do the administrative work, but also to be a sympathetic ear when someone in grief just wants to talk.  George, by nature of his ability, is very limited on the amount of sessions he can do in the course of a week, but must still carry a full-time staff.  We hope that people will see the session as an investment in their grief and wellness, and something that will resound with them for many years to come.

Is the session scary, or will the souls tell me something that will upset me?

One of the things the souls seemed determined to do during a session is to prove to you that they still are part of your life.  They know what is in your heart, and they know just what to do to help you on your path back to hope.  The souls have no reason to predict doom or upset you–they are trying to help you understand that their life has not ended, and that they continue in a better place.

Can George Anderson read my mind, or blurt out personal information in front of my family?

George is not psychic–he cannot predict the future or uncover personal information about you.  George is simply able to hear communication from those who have passed on, much the same way as a radio receives transmissions.  Unless your loved ones tell George the information they want him to relate, he does not know it.  That is the very definition of a medium.   Your loved ones’ only interest during the session is to bring you peace and help to restore your hope through their messages.


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