Notre Dame Collectibles

As I continue to declutter, I am putting more items from my personal collection up for auction on eBay. I bought this collectible coin and “Prayer to Notre Dame” prayer card during one of my trips to The Cathedral at Notre Dame in France in the late 90’s. They are available for bidding, separately now.

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Time Is Running Out

There are just four hours left to bid on items from my personal collection. I received, “Georgie Finds A Grandpa” by Miriam Young when I was only 5 years old. It’s a rare collector’s item as my signature from when I was a little boy is inscribed in this book. You can bid on it right now on eBay.

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Spiritual Awakening

“The Spiritual Awakening” is one of my new pieces available on eBay. While working on my Sacred Geometry series, I was impressed to create this piece representing the Archangels Metatron and Gabriel combining sacred geometry and numerology . Living during a time where we all seem to be awakened on a different level before, this beautiful piece represents two of the Archangels at the forefront of this enlightenment. The numbers depict throughout this piece all symbolize something. The number 789 99 symbolizes the Archangel Metatron. The number 789 symbolizes the Archangel Gabriel. The number 12 represents The Divine Spirit and the number 1212 represents the Supremacy of Spirit.

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Snowflake for a Snow Day

Today’s snow storm seems like the perfect time to show you one of my new art pieces. “Winter’s First Snowflake” ❄️ is available now on eBay. You can see all my available pieces by searching George Anderson Art on eBay or by clicking the link below and clicking on “seller’s other items.”

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