Messages From Los Angeles

My private sessions are underway in Los Angeles after a great event Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Again another event filled with powerful messages from the Hereafter reminding us that our journey continues after the death of our physical bodies.  Messages of apology came through as well as an attempt to ease the pain and relieve the guilt of loved ones left behind here on earth.  Of course, the souls reminding me not to misinterpret their messages and just tell the whole story.  In one discernment I thought the clue was about someone named Dan or Daniel.  When emphatically urged to relate exactly what I was hearing – I said I was hearing the song “Oh Danny Boy.”  The subject immediately recognized it – saying it was the song a loved one was known for singing. Now I’m looking forward to the final stop in my California tour Monday in San Francisco.

#losangeles #sanfrancisco #medium

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