Powerful Messages

I just wanted to thank everyone who attended my San Diego event Friday night.  We had some powerful messages come through including parents apologizing to their daughter, loved ones letting people know they’ve made the right decisions to get their lives on the right path, a son easing his father’s anxiety and guilt over his death, and a sweetheart who died suddenly letting his wife know he’ll be there to greet her when her journey on earth is complete.  I’m looking forward to the rest of my events as my California tour continues… Sunday in Los Angeles and next week in San Francisco. 

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6 thoughts on “Powerful Messages

  1. David says:

    i just read your dook we dont die i realy enjoyed it when migjt you de comming to seattel or how does one get a meeting with you thanks


    • geo138 says:

      I’m glad you found it helpful. We’re still working on the schedule for next year, but my staff does take all your requests into account. However, I do sessions over the phone all over the world each month. You can check out the sessions and available dates pages of this website for more information. You can also always contact my office at info@georgeanderson.com or 631-351-2972 if you have any questions.


  2. Tina says:

    Hi George my is Tina I was at your session in SF and you gave me two gifts for my love of animals. I didn’t get a reading though not from my human family but I did from my canine family. I believe in you it was beautiful watching what you did for people last night. But my question is why didn’t my loved ones come through is it because they didn’t want to. I am sad I have been waiting 22 years to see you and I prayed to make contact with them. Is it because I upset them I don’t know just wondering. Ty for such a beautiful experience last night I will never forget it but long to make contact with the other side maybe if you ever come back to California I will get another shot. Your fan Tina


    • geo138 says:

      You received an amazing honor. Not one, but two saints came through to thank you for your work with animals and bestow upon you a token of their appreciation. I did see your family around you and they were thrilled to see you getting such an honor. They were simply allowing you to shine for your good deeds. Do not create demons that do not exist. It is impossible for everyone in the audience to hear from everyone in their lives. Even those who received messages from family or friends generally heard from one or two people. Others weren’t lucky enough to hear from any of their loved ones. Be thankful for the grace you have received. Perhaps you will hear from them someday, but remember they are always closer than we can imagine, and sometimes we’re looking so hard for signs we miss the forest for the trees.


  3. anju madhok says:

    we are from india our loving daughter diviniti died on 2 aug…due to 3 open heart surgeries…
    though before 15 may 17 there was no symptom ….we are really suffering and need to connect with her…pl advise


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