2 thoughts on “Upcoming Facebook Live!

  1. Lynne Powell says:

    Over 40 years ago I was told (by a medium) I had a ‘guardian angel’ looking after me. I was told this was my father’s older sister who passed away aged 4 years, when my father was 18 months old. Until I was told this, I had no idea that my father ever HAD an older sister who had died!! I checked this out with my dad who said it was true. His mum lost my dad’s older sister, together with my dad’s twin brother within a few weeks of one another (I already knew about my dad’s twin dying at approx.18 months because he had told me). By the way, the medium had no idea who I was or even what my name was. I had stepped in at the last minute to drive a friend to see the medium when my friend’s other driver was called in to work at short notice. What exactly is a guardian angel, and how is this angel ‘guarding’ me through life’s journey? Also, I am at a loss as to how this medium could tell me so much about me and my family that I didn’t even know myself!!! (The medium told me LOADS of stuff, but the angel intrigues me most)


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