New Way to Schedule A Session

We have a new way for you to schedule your appointments.  Now you can see all of our available dates and times online, choose the one that’s best for you, pay for your session and receive your confirmation immediately.  We have select availability starting in January, and you can book a session anytime through June 2017.  Of course, if you don’t want to book online, you can still contact our office at 631-351-2972 with any questions you have and to get help registering for a session.

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3 thoughts on “New Way to Schedule A Session

  1. Rome Stimson says:

    on March 28 of 2016 my girlfriend fell out of our vehicle and I ran over her. she passed away april 5 2016 due to internal injuries from the accident. I was never allowed by her mother to say goodbye or even attended the funeral. I miss her terribly and if I could hear she is ok it would make the rest of my life a much better experience for myself and my family.I would dearly appreciate a response from you sir if you get a chance to read this. thank you for your time.


    • geo138 says:

      I am sure she is ok and still with you as a friend. I am sure she does not blame you or hold anything against you. If people do here, that’s people. They think sometimes it is easier to place blame. Just think how your friend would handle the situation –with love and compassion toward you, I am sure


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