Two years ago, my twin brother committed suicide. I just happened to be browsing Barnes and Noble when I stumbled upon your book “Life Between Heaven and Earth.” I almost never get these types of books because there are too many fakes who claim to speak with the dead, claim to know what awaits us when we die, then proceed to blindside you with their religious views. But I heard my brother’s voice (In my Mind) say to open it and read a paragraph. So, reluctantly, I did.  Before I knew it, I read a whole chapter,and was pleased to see most of what you were saying I already knew.  I just didn’t know how to voice it. I bought the book, took it home and read through it from start to finish. Then, I bought every book I could find on you! The long and short of this post… I just want to say thank you George.  Reading your books helped me put my thoughts in order and allowed me to get through my grief, in a way I never thought possible. I have so many questions.  I would love to buy you a cup of coffee sometime and drive you insane with all the thousands of questions you no doubt get hit with all the time. LOL. Thank you Mr. Anderson, you are a godsend.