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244 thoughts on “Share Your Thoughts

  1. Lotus says:

    Dear George, Thank you so much for all the sessions! Yesterday’s was our last before travelling home. Toward the end you mentioned an Ed or Fred. Didn’t know at the time; but I think that was our friend, Edwin, who passed over 20 years ago, so you nailed it, as always! Our sessions with you have been some of the brightest spots in our lives and we looked forward to them with joy and anticipation. God bless you, George! Will be visiting you before too long and maybe bringing Hermie along 🙂


  2. Joyce-JK FELDMANN says:

    I was in a group session with Mr. Anderson in September of 1990 and my deceased husband and I had a private session with him in February of 1991. During those sessions, he relayed personal information from departed family and friends that confirmed without question the life does not end with death and that love never ends. You are a heavenly blessing. I thank God for allowing us to hear from them through you.
    You Wishing you a safe and healthy journey throughout your life. JK Feldmann


  3. Laurie Anderson says:

    George thank you for the discernment on April 22, 2020. Some of the information we received I didn’t understand, but my family explained after. I was so intent on hearing everything. I didn’t really hear everything. You are amazing with an amazing gift. You gave some personal information to us that touched my heart and made me somewhat sad. Struggles are real, confining and sometimes an opposition. I am so thankful for you as I am sure thousands are. I love your personality and wit. Bless you and all of the spirits that surround you!


  4. Yvonne Ceslak says:

    I have a strong interest in our pets, as I work dog and cat rescue. There is a book on the passing of a pet, I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN, by Friar Jack Wintz. This book states many of the same outlooks on when pets die as George discusses on this subject. Very reassuring. Perhaps George is familiar with it.


  5. Kevin says:

    Hi George I’ve read ur books and studied ur thought process and find u to be a man that knows compassion . Ur gift is unique but uncomfortable to accept . I am reasonably sure we carry the same burden. I hope our journeys in life cross some day because I have no doubt we will gain strength from one another . Till that day occurs I hope we will endure. The weight is so overcoming sometimes that I truly wish compassion had never opened a door I can’t close! When we leave who will be left to share the tears!


  6. Elizabeth Griffin says:

    83 yrs old, read George.s book, wonderfully done, would love a reading, how ever ?
    I have been an Astrologer for the last 50 yrs and with relatives, family ,friend.s sick and dying
    around me is very hard. I usually rent rooms on my House to make money but the covid problem has disrupted this, so it is very hard to make any money, having said that I am not asking for a hand out but I am very depressed and would ask George to help me by Praying for me as I know
    he is very busy. thank you Elizabeth,God Bless you George.


  7. Tracey Feeney says:

    George, if you are thinking about going vegan, please contact me! All animals deserve our love and respect. Jesus spoke of the innocents. Our dominion is to protect them. Thanks for being who you are and helping us in this plane!


  8. Tracey Feeney says:

    Also George, looking on ebay for your artwork. I love several pieces just making sure they are yours? “Beauty out of the Darkness”, “Up in the clouds”, etc. Thanks again, Tracey


  9. Kelli Samson says:

    I’m in the middle of reading your book, “Walking In The Garden of Souls” and find myself so drawn to your messages that I just want to stay in the state it creates. Thanks so much for such uplifting and wisdom-filled messages. They both solidify new personal findings and uplift me. I would love to have a reading with you and will pursue that avenue soon. Much love to you.


  10. David S. Hon says:

    Just finished reading “Walking In The Garden of Souls”. I have read over 40 books on life after death since my wife died 8-20-15. The book is a must read for all who have suffered the loss of a loved one. My wife and I met on 9-8-42, in first grade, and were married for 56 years, 2months, and 7 days. Her loss was the greatest sorrow I have ever known. However, I have been able to continue through family support and great books like George has written.
    I am very grateful for the solace the book has given me.
    May all who are involved in George”s work continue to receive God’s blessings.


  11. So Sad says:

    I just want to thank you for your writings. I no longer have Facebook but I read your “Our Children Forever 20 years ago and it helped me through the loss of my daughter. Now I am freshly grieving the loss of my partner, and I read “Ask George Anderson” in one day and it pulled me up from the depths of despair. I know I will plummet again, cuz I know the drill. But your words have helped so much.


  12. Fred Hilgendorf says:

    I spoke to George in person,back in the late 90s,I had just lost my partner,and both parents in less than 4 yrs,it was a extreme loss in my heart. With my visit with George,he brought in all 3 of them,besides a few other friends,God has blessed George,and I’m forever grateful of his great blessings,God Bless ❤️❤️🙏

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  13. Michael K. says:

    Dear George….the amount of emotional support and understanding provided to my family thru your amazing gift helped us move thru a very difficult period in 1983/84. We lived on LI at the time they came to meet with you. It seems like a lifetime ago and the reality of hearing from family who passed gave us hope, insight and a feeling of peace. Today I know that my family is still around me, intact and doing their best to guide me thru the next phase of life. You gave my mother a votive candle of the Blessed Mother at one of their sessions, which I have today. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and with the world. God bless.


  14. Ron says:

    Hi George. I can’t help but wonder about something you say in your videos. You say, maybe there’s nothing when we die or maybe there’s an afterlife. And that you’re fine with either as if you’re unsure if there’s an afterlife .I just wonder then how is it you’ve done this work all your life and still aren’t sure?
    I mean, people have been blown away by the accuracy of what comes through you, myself included as I attended one of your group sessions in Commack years ago and yet for all of the thousands of readings you’ve done…that you still seem unsure is a wonder to me. Just have to ask, why is that?


  15. Chris says:

    It’s hard to see the world become less compassionate and caring as the world continues to evolve. With everything the souls has taught us, you’d think this would change and develop more kindness towards one another in the world. Hate amongst people tends to fester and gain more attention then acts of kindness and compassion.

    George, I’ve read all of your books, and followed your messages through the years. Thank you for all of your work over these many decades. Have you thought about putting together a podcast?


  16. Karla says:

    I did read your first book and i really felt comforted by it. I am considering a reading, , however I am wondering if a person that was dishonest on earth when alive is asked a question after they are passed over, can they lie about things? Is it an option to ask them if “—….”is true? Will they have to answer. Honestly? Thanks for sharing your gift… it bring many people peace.


    • George Anderson says:

      Sessions aren’t really a Q&A. The souls come through with the message they need to give (or we need them to give to us, depending on the case). I have had sessions where souls reveal truths, but they are not forced to do so. As always, it is up to the soul to decide for themselves.


  17. Sergey says:

    Dear George. Thank you so much for being with them. There is a war in our country. Please tell me, will there be a nuclear war? What do Souls say about this?


  18. Darcy says:

    I have read two of your books, “We don’t die” and “Lessons from the light”. Enjoyed them both. Was wondering what was your position (or the position of those in the hereafter) as regards “demons” or demon posession. If there is no hell as we traditionally understand it, does that mean there are no demons? Are all of these alleged “hauntings” or “evil spirits” just the souls of angry people trying to scare the living or-? Just curious….


  19. Liz Laroff says:

    I had two sessions with George Anderson after my boyfriend passed. It is real. I believe. It is worth every dollar you spend. It helped me. Do it!! My boyfriend said things via George that only my boyfriend and I knew. You may not get healed of your grief but it will help you. I wrote it down while George spoke on the phone to me. I can read anytime. Liz


  20. Liz Laroff says:

    I recommend the book ‘Walking In The Garden of Souls’ by George Anderson. Read before your reading or if you are not having a reading. Will answer many of life’s questions of why. Why did this happen? Why did that happen? Why, why, why? What the souls have to say about life here and the after life. It is one of my favorite books and I love books. A must read for all looking for answers. Liz


  21. Ed Archer says:

    I have read all of your books, and listened to you on Facebook. Just wondering if you stand by all the material presented in your books? For instance, the books say that death is as easy as moving from one room to the next, yet on your latest Facebook session, you said souls were cautioned to shut their eyes after death as they were passing over some very dark places and might be frightened. Also wondered where the life review comes into play. After meet and greet with relatives, or a period of resting, or as soon as we cross over? You have done all of us a wonderful service, George! I pray that you will have many good years to come!


      • Patricia jackson says:

        I lost my husband of 60 years 4 months ago in July 2022. I also met him in school when we were teenagers. I am overwhelmed by the grief and I pray to be able to come to terms with it. I just finished reading “we don’t die” and I found it very comforting. My husband told me the night before he died that he was going “home” I asked him “where is home” he told me it was heaven then he asked the family if he could go home we all gave our assent. It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do and I didn’t want to nod my head and say it was ok. I felt he had given me a gift and some insight into the fact that he was going to heaven it took away my fear of dying he was so insistent that he would be going to another place. Thank you for sharing your truth.


  22. Edward Archer says:

    Just wondering if any of your recent discernments have changed some of the basics in your recent books.
    Thanks so much for your answering!
    God bless!


  23. Michele Bell says:

    Hello! I met George in 1994 at a private event he hosted in NYC. I found George only by God’s grace – his energy is what I felt drawn to. He has helped millions of people through the years. My admiration for his gifts will be a forever memory until we embrace our loved ones again. My name is Michele Bell, The Grief Warrior®


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