Facebook Live Tonight!!

Don’t forget to tube in for my Facebook Live tonight at 7pm ET.

I will be speaking about my ability and answering generic questions about the hereafter. Please ***no questions about specific individuals***

#spirituality #afterlife #hereafter #souls

7 thoughts on “Facebook Live Tonight!!

    • George Anderson says:

      Unfortunately not. I am not technically savvy so I would not be able to set that up and if something were to go wrong with the technology, I would not be able to fix it. That would cause much too much disruption in a session. It is my priority to be respectful of the ability and those in the hereafter trying to deliver their messages.


  1. David Grant says:

    Hi George. Hope this message finds you well. I am engaged in a project to provide headstones/markers for family members who have unmarked graves. There’s about 15 members going back to great uncles/aunts; great grandparents and great great grandparents . I have a problem with some individuals however in that for example my great-great grandmother is buried in the family cemetery, but I don’t know where in the cemetery she’s at, and there are no existing records. Would you be able to channel to these people and have them tell you where they are? Is that possible?

    Could we maybe discuss this further and maybe we can plan out a session?

    Thank you in advance for your consideration. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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