Last Chance

There are just a few hours left to bid on the sacramentals from my personal collection available on eBay.

#sacramentals #spirituality #afterlife

“Sacred Heart of Mary” statue
“Madonna and Child” statue
Grieving Angel memorial statue
St. Barbara pendant
Our Lady of Charity pendant
Sacred Heart of Jesus plaque
Our Lady of Mount Carmel plaque

2 thoughts on “Last Chance

  1. Hattie Tazarra Alexander says:

    I truly need your assistance George as I believe many people do, but my mom died in 1997 and my name is Tazarra, I really need your help, I don’t want to say much but I was very young when she died and my world has been hurting ever since, I hope you can help me and I really appreciate it and if you would in the least just please tell her I love her and miss her everyday, God bless you and your families and take care and thank you!


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