St. Barbara

You can bid on more items from my personal collection on eBay now. While working in Italy in the late 90’s, I purchased this beautiful pendant of one of the saints I have a great devotion to, Saint Barbara. Her image is beautifully burned into a piece of olive wood and comes with a prayer card to Saint Barbara. This holy sacramental is available at the link below.

St. Barbara Pendant and Prayer Card

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One thought on “St. Barbara

  1. Diane Lawson says:

    George, your St. Barbara olive wood piece reminded me of my phone reading. You told me about St. Barbara being with my Moma near the end. I was shocked because my Moma kept pointing up but couldn’t speak due to a ventilator. We named many family members, friends, etc. and she shook her head no but she was adamant. So, I got a pen and paper and began the alphabet with her. When I got to “b” she shook her head, yes. Finally an “r” and she shook her head! Yes! Poor darling was on heavy meds. We never could figure it out but now i know, thanks to you. St. Barbara was above her for hours to comfort her in her fear.
    Thank you for being you,


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