George Anderson Foundation

After more than 30 years, I have decided to close the George Anderson Foundation. Unfortunately, after dealing with two historic economic downturns in just over a decade, it has become too much to support the charity on my own.  I am also cutting back on my schedule as I am nearing retirement.  While sessions typically charge me up, after a busy day and a packed week of sessions, I am quite depleted physically and mentally.  Since I am not getting any younger, I am trying to slow down a bit so that I can continue doing discernments for as long as possible.

4 thoughts on “George Anderson Foundation

  1. Candy Brown says:

    Thank you for your wonderful life’s work. I wish you a happy retirement and a long and prosperous life. I hope one day I have the privilege to meet you.
    Take Care & Be Safe


  2. Lillian Briguglio says:

    Hello Mr Anderson,
    I pray that all things are wonderful for you.
    I learned about you just recently.
    My heart if full of happiness as I read your book ” We don’t die”.
    I am anxious to know if you are available for readings ?
    God continue to Bless you.


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