No Phone or Email Access

My office still has no power, phone or internet access. My staff is unable to access emails and get your voicemails, except for searching Long Island for WiFi hotspots, which is difficult and time consuming.

I have asked for you all to be patient, and I have to say how disappointed I am in how my staff has been treated these past two days. I cannot understand how or why anyone would berate my staff because the response time is longer than normal when my staff has had to go to extremes to be able to return your calls and emails.

To reiterate – we were hit with a major storm that caused significant damage. We have NO POWER, NO PHONE AND NO INTERNET ACCESS. Please be patient!!!!

If you are contacting the office with a non-urgent matter, please wait until Monday. If you have already contacted the office, the earliest you should expect to receive a response is Monday. We HOPE to have our services restored by then.

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