Upcoming July Facebook Live

I hope you’ll join me for my next Facebook Live, Monday, July 22nd at 7pm ET where I will be answering your questions about my ability and the afterlife.


***Remember, all questions must be submitted DURING the Facebook Live. Please, only ONE question per person, and my staff asks the questions in the order in which they are posted. Asking your question multiple times will NOT get it answered sooner. Also, I will NOT be able to answer questions about specific individuals in this setting.***

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3 thoughts on “Upcoming July Facebook Live

  1. Kimberly Walker says:

    Hello.. Mr George Anderson My brother got kill in year 2000 his name was Charles Walker jr. But we call him ( marlos ) i got this STRONG FEELING that his girlfriend Inshallah Owen’s set him up from my HEART I just wanted to know did she set him up its hurting my mother heart


    • George Anderson says:

      Unfortunately, that is not how the ability works. If someone comes for a session, I must not know anything about them or who they wish to contact. This way I know any information conveyed and how I interpret it is not tainted by prior knowledge but is truly coming from the souls. I also cannot control which souls come through during a session or which messages they convey. The souls don’t tell us what we want to know. They tell us what THEY need or want us to know.


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