June Facebook Live

Join me for my next Facebook Live, Monday, June 17th at 7pm ET.
***Remember, all questions must be submitted DURING the Facebook Live. Please, only ONE question per person, and my staff asks the questions in the order in which they are posted. Asking your question multiple times will NOT get it answered sooner. Also, I will NOT be able to answer questions about specific individuals in this setting.***
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3 thoughts on “June Facebook Live

  1. Grace A Gadsby says:

    George you look great! You look health and clear, I am so happy for you.
    I am looking forward to watch you Live June 17th. I just turned 40 June 7th and my husband would of turned 40 June 2nd. We talked about this birthday week for about 10 years. Our young son and I found his body Monday morning Jan 23 2017. He crossed over hours before we woke up. Because of listening to you,reading your book, and having the privilege to see a local gifted medium, we understand that he is very much around. We have experienced some amazing things agfer my husband crossed over, for example I have a voicemail from him about a year and a half after he changed. So grateful!
    Thank you,
    Grace Gadsby


    • George Anderson says:

      Unfortunately, I do not do personal sessions via the internet. I do hold Facebook Lives once a month to answer general questions about the Hereafter and my ability. However, for a session, you would have to book an appointment for a telephone, private or group session. You can find out more about my sessions on the sessions page of this website


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