Facebook Live This Week

My March Facebook Live will be this Thursday, March 14th at 7pm ET. I hope you’ll join me!!

***Remember, all questions must be submitted DURING the Facebook Live. Please, only ONE question per person, and my staff asks the questions in the order in which they are posted. Asking your question multiple times will NOT get it answered sooner. Also, I will NOT be able to answer questions about specific individuals in this setting.***

#medium #spirituality #afterlife #grief #griefsupport #hereafter

2 thoughts on “Facebook Live This Week

  1. Joyce Martinez says:

    Why is my 94 your old father dreaming of dead relatives and pets and is able to remember the dream and share it with me the following morning?


    • George Anderson says:

      If a dream is comforting, it is likely a visitation. However, if it is disturbing, it is simply our own anxieties. As for remembering, some people just remember their dreams more than others.


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