Auction Ending Soon

Check out my new artwork. You can find “I’m Soaring!!!” and several other pieces right now on eBay. Just search George Anderson Art. Hurry, the auction is over in just 2 days.

#spirituality #art #medium #afterlife #grief #griefsupport

2 thoughts on “Auction Ending Soon

  1. rose says:

    Hello George
    I just recently bought the book We don t die George Anderson and it is very interesting the life you have.I believe in life after death and its a pleasure to read that other people do also believe.I am
    just pleased to be able to send a email to you, my form of contact.I am also curious how much does
    a session cost with you per email or phone ? It would be nice to find out who would want to contact me from beyond the veil.Kind regards


    • George Anderson says:

      Private in-person and telephone sessions are $1200 for an hour. Group sessions are $400 for a mini session of at least 15-20 minutes. You can find out mor about my session on the Sessions and Available Dates pages of this website.


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