2019 Schedule Released

In case you missed my announcement during my August Facebook Live, my staff has posted my schedule for the first half of 2019 – including my first small group session of the year. You can see all the details in the Available Dates section of my website


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4 thoughts on “2019 Schedule Released

  1. Susanne Martin says:

    I would like to schedual a telephone conference for myself with George Anderson.How do I do so?Im not very computer competent so the simpler the instructions on how to do so the better. I find myself in need of his help and would like to schedual an apt. sooner than later.Susanne Martin


    • George Anderson says:

      You can contact my office Monday through Thursday at 631-351-2972 and my staff can walk you through the process. Please do not divulge who you would like to hear from to ensure the integrity of your session.


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