Saints and Guardian Angels

I’m working on the second mini eBook in the series “What the Souls Have Taught Me.” This one is focusing on saints and guardian angels. What would you like to know about this topic?

Share your questions here and I will try to include as many answers as possible in my eBook.

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9 thoughts on “Saints and Guardian Angels

  1. miglena staneva says:

    When I see how much pain and suffer here on Earth,how babies can learn or kids when sick and dying..carcrushing kids inside a normal human pray for his own happiness when so much disaster here in the world.what must make me speacial to want and deserve all that my heart desires when people straggle to breath a bit longer or live life one more day?! .sorry my English its not so good.first book was great but short ☺…I pray myself so long for a real love…nothing,for a diet that can heal my pain and get me into shape ..nothing..I’m trown into the hand of the next bad boy wich it’s seems I can’t just let go…of him .at least I’m breathing right?! That’s must be enough ..God is choosing who to smile and who to cry

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    • Linda says:

      I have read about being grateful every day for something. If you focus on something good, pretty, comforting, you get more of it. Enjoy the simple things like a flower, a walk, a smile, and appreciate it, you will start seeing more beauty in the world. Turn off the news — it’s not good for me to watch too much of it. Namaste


  2. Cynthia Lawson says:

    Can animals (pets) be your gaurdian Angels?
    Also, do you know if our pets are with us throughout different incarnations?


  3. Christina Zahn says:

    Is it possible to “see” your guardian angel(s)? In my younger years I would be between asleep and awake and would often see a man sitting on the edge of my bed. I was never fearful. In college I slept in a dormer, and there were times where those in the room would report that I would be speaking to him. He never spoke to me. I always felt comforted. Thanks.


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