Australia Tour – November 2018

I’m happy to announce I’ll be doing a tour of live events in Melbourne and Sydney this November.  Tickets will be available soon.  These are the tour dates.

November 4 – Village Southlands 7:30pm
November 5 – Village Doncaster 7:30pm
November 6 – Village Karingal 7:30pm
November 8 – Village Knox 7:30pm
November 9 – Village Geelong 7:30pm
November 10 – Village Plenty Valley 7:30pm
November 12 – Village Sunshine 7:30pm
November 14 – Events Parramatta 7:30pm
November 15 – Events George Street Sydney 7:30pm
November 16 – Events Newcastle 7:30pm

#Australia #Melbourne #Sydney #Medium #Spirituality #Souls #Afterlife #Hereafter

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