Added 2018 Sessions

I have just released my available dates from July through October of 2018.  You can now schedule a session online for those months

As always, you can also contact my office at or 631-351-2972 for assistance scheduling your session.  Anyone looking to book a small group sessions must contact my office.  Those cannot be scheduled online.

For a full list of my 2018 schedule, check out the Available Dates page of this website.

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2 thoughts on “Added 2018 Sessions

  1. CYNTHIA HALES says:

    I was very interested and am watching you on Unsolved Mysteries now. Much to my surprise is your fee! Thats way more than this girl on Disability can afford! Would love to see you give special prices for those of us on very limited incomes and desire a reading. Lord knows Ive been through a whole lot in my life at a young age and would relish a chance to sit with you!


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