New Appointments for February

Lots of new telephone appointments available in February. Unfortunately a computer glitch was blocking people from booking them. And there are just four telephone sessions left available for January. To schedule one, click on this link: 

or contact Robert at my office who can schedule it for you and help you through the process. You can email him at or call 631-351-2972.

9 thoughts on “New Appointments for February

  1. Michael Lidestri says:

    Hello Robert,

    Please let me know if full payment for a in-person session with George must be paid in advance and what the availability is for such sessions.



    • George Anderson says:

      I cannot guarantee who will come through during a session. From my experience, it is usually the souls with the most need. I have heard from souls who have passed many years ago, and I recently did a session where the subjects heard from a soul whose funeral they had attended that morning. (Obviously they scheduled their session long before they knew they would be attending a funeral that day). So to me, the length of time a soul has been in the Hereafter has no impact on the ability of that soul to come through during a session. As you may notice on the website, it is suggested you wait six months so that YOU are emotionally able to handle a session, but of course, that decision is up to you.


  2. Barbara Watson says:

    I saw George at his apartment back in the early 80s. I was so impressed that I recommend him to everyone! Although back then it was only $25.00


  3. Jennifer Blakeslee says:

    I had read book over 20 years ago when someone close passed, gave me comfort. Was looking for a book that would be more pre- teen appropriate. I bought “We don’t die” but that may be a little hard to follow. Not the stories so much but the more scientific/spiritual explanations may be tough for them. Any suggestions? Jen B


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