4 thoughts on “Facebook Live Tonight

  1. Nicole says:

    I would like to believe this is real but as I look at prices of what it would cost is alittle outrageous. Why charge so much to help someone heal or move forward when you were giving a “gift” for free to help others.


    • geo138 says:

      I understand not everyone can afford a session which is $1200. However, I also offer small group sessions which are $400 and I have started doing live events again which are much less expensive than that. I insist on having completely valid sessions which require me to have no knowledge of who is coming in for a session. This requires me to maintain a full time staff to answer the hundreds of emails and phone calls I get each week. Included in that price, if you need it, is a member of my staff walking you through the process and available to answer your questions – even if you have a ton of them. They book the sessions, keeping me completely out of the process. I also have a staff to maintain my website and social media pages, as I am technically challenged, so I can answer as many questions from anyone around the world (regardless of if they are paying for a session or not). For safety reasons, I can no longer conduct the sessions in my home and therefore have to pay for a safe and appropriate place to hold my sessions. I am also limited in how many sessions I can physically do. To help those who cannot afford a session I don’t just answer their email and Facebook questions, but I do Facebook Lives once a month to reach out, discuss topics people have asked me about and answer viewer questions. The cost of the Sessions allows me to provide this help to everyone for free. I hope this helps clarify what goes into the cost of a session. And as far as the ability I was given – many people have abilities that they were given by the Divine Presence. Do you expect artists to just give away their art for free because they didn’t have to pay to have an innate ability to create it? I would love to live on hope, but I quit my job at the telephone company decades ago to help people with their grief full time, and like everyone else, I need to put food on the table, a roof over my head and need to pay taxes.


  2. Reb says:

    Will you have another facebook live session in January? and do angels or God himself greet people when they die and are there bad spirits who chase the living and hope to find them before they die. I sound crazy I am sure but have specific reasons for asking.
    Thank you


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