Grief During the Holidays

The holidays can be a difficult time of year for those who are grieving. For many, that is when we miss our loved ones the most. However, the souls stress to me that they draw closer to us at this time. Perhaps, when we think of a loved one as we go through our annual rituals, it is because they are beside us at that very moment. Perhaps, we misunderstand the signs, and instead of feeling their presence close to us, we feel their physical absence more strongly. The souls in the Hereafter know what a struggle our grief can be. That is why they come near us this time of year. They don’t ask that we forget our grief. They simply ask us to do our best to find the joy in life wherever we can. They want us to continue on with our own spiritual journeys as best we can. Remember, as I always say, each day is one day less here on earth and one day closer to being reunited with our loved ones in the Hereafter. So please, try to enjoy your holidays (whichever ones you celebrate), and remember, your loved ones are right there with you, in spirit. 

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One thought on “Grief During the Holidays

  1. Diane Lawson says:

    Thank you for posting this Mr. Anderson. I believe I was guided to this today from my Daddy who took his life 364 days ago. I try very hard to share in the joy of this beautiful time of year, I really do but I lost both parents within 3 months of each other, both totally unexpected. They were incredibly special to me and I will smile knowing that they will be right beside me. Merry Christmas sir and I hope to meet you someday.
    Diane Lawson


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