Happy Father’s Day!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads here and in the Hereafter.  I know this can be a difficult time for those separated from their fathers or their children.  However, the souls are closer than we can imagine.  I remember a session I had once, just before Father’s Day.  It was with a man whose son had passed.  The son came through telling me that his father was very upset about the upcoming holiday, having to spend it without him.  However, the son told his father he wanted him to be happy.  The son explained that he would still be very close to his father that day, he just wouldn’t be in a bodily form.  He stressed that he wanted his father to experience joy wherever and whenever he could.  That is all the souls really ask of us.  So with that in mind, I hope you can all enjoy your day.

#medium #fathersday

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