Memorial Day

A heartfelt Memorial Day to all our veterans living and deceased, male and female, and animals. I am proud to state that I have two nephews and one grand-nephew who are presently serving in our armed forces. Both of my nephews are majors in the U.S. Army, and my grand-nephew recently joined the Marine Corps. My dad had been in the Army Air Corps, and I also have European family who were veterans. My maternal grandmother’s younger brother fought in WWI and was a machine gunner on the front lines. He passed at the age of 19 on Armistice Day — from of all things — food poisoning. Their elder brother was in the Royal Irish Constabulary and passed in what was then British India from illness. My paternal great-grandfather was in the British army.  My grand aunt served in the ambulance corps during WWI as a nurse and later entered the order of the Sisters of St. Louis, becoming a professed nun. I heard so many fantastic stories growing up from both sides of my family, here and in Europe. I love watching documentaries of past wars realizing how my loved ones’ sacrifices have been instrumental in making my life presently very content. My dad use to say that one has already won the lottery being born in the USA. How right he was! European relations talking about surviving the Great Blitz during WWII. Yes, in a way, they were also “veterans”. Just imagine being bombed constantly every night where eventually you just accepted it as a way of life. Most of the time it is too unbelievable. Just think what our world would be like today if they did not stand up for our freedoms! May they and their struggles never be forgotten or taken for granted. We are so blessed! Thank you to all the men, women, and animals!

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