Ageing and Depression

Depression is something I not only deal with in my sessions, but as I mentioned during a recent Facebook Live, it is something I have dealt with on a personal level since having heart surgery a few years ago.  The folks at sent this information about ageing and depression for me to share with all of you:

Depression Does Not Have to be Linked to Ageing

It is a common misconception that ageing automatically causes depression. In surveys by the National Institute of Health, most seniors, those over 60, are in fact happy with their lives even if they are getting physically weaker or have health problems. That being said, the number of older adults who are depressed is rising with 20% of those over 65 suffering from depression. It is also true to say that older adults do have unique risk factors.

Risk Factors for Senior Citizens

For seniors, ageing does present opportunities for depression to develop. This tends to come with what happens to the body and to the brain, but also to social elements governing how lives are lived and happiness levels. This is then combined with other factors due to age such as decreased income, increased healthcare costs, the mortality of peers, friends, and family, and finally the fact that elderly citizens are less likely to ask for help than younger generations.

Risk factors include:

  • Confusion
  • Decreased appetite
  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Isolation
  • Memory problems
  • Physical pain and irritation
  • Sleeping problems
  • Weight loss

Fear of Death

One of the biggest causes of stress all over the world is the fear of the unknown. This can present itself as a fear of travelling, of new things, new foods, and also, of passing away. Learning that there is something on the other side, hearing it first hand from departed souls, is of great comfort to people all over the world. Knowing there is a heaven out there is the number one salve for those feeling they are tiptoeing toward the end. It’s not the end and there is more to come.

It’s Good to Talk

For anyone suffering from depression, it is vital to find someone to talk about it with. You can watch George’s video here on is own personal struggle with depression and anxiety. Being able to talk means you can find understanding and acceptance, you can relieve yourself of these feelings and tensions, but you can also look for solutions too if you wish.

Talking might not solve everything, but it’s one of many ways to face depression head on including exercise, meditation, improved diets, and laughter. It is possible to take a fully holistic approach to overcoming depression without the need for medication. You can consider counselling or therapy, or speaking to a medium to connect with departed souls, or to work with senior focused groups to meet new people, get out more, and learn how to live better and improve your health.


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