Next Facebook Live!

Don’t forget my next Facebook Live is tomorrow night 2/7 at 7pm ET. I’ll be talking about making it through Valentine’s Day after the loss of a loved one. I’ll also be making an announcement about an upcoming event, and as always, I’ll be answering your questions. I hope you’ll join me.
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One thought on “Next Facebook Live!

  1. Michelle McIntosh Thompson says:

    I have had many losses in my life when I was a child and I miss him very much I’m almost 50 years old now and I’ve always wanted to speak to all of them beyond the grave I miss my family very much even though it’s been 40 years I do think of them everyday I have no money for this but I saw you on TV this morning and I thought I’d give you a message and maybe they spoke to you about something thank you very much Michelle McIntosh


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