Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!!!

First of all a happy Christmas to all from myself! This time of the year always causes me to recall the opening lines of the Dicken’s novel “A Tale of Two Cities” that reads “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” And for many it certainly is. Definitely meant to be a joyous season, for some, especially those in loss, it can be quite heart wrenching. It seems we miss our loved ones, including pets, more than ever. And yet at this time of the year, the Hereafter has told me that the veil between the dimensions is at its thinnest and they are closer to us than we can imagine. Yes, I too, have difficulty grasping that completely! So I just do my best to accept it and get through another season. The bottom line always remains the same and always will. No matter what, we still want our loved ones, including pets, back and be fine and the way they were. Sometimes I wonder if our loved ones, including pets, get a little frustrated as they are doing the best they can for us. Certainly that is better than nothing. So try to accept the unique gift they give us each with love and gladness. One day you will all be together again. It is just a question of time as we know it. So always pray for them in a way you feel most comfortable as it embraces them with our love and this way you can still feel glad that you are able to do something for them as well. Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate that accordingly. And even if you don’t celebrate anything, it still is a good idea. To the souls it does not matter if we are religious, atheist, agnostic, etc. Someday we will cross and be reunited with them and learn it for ourselves. Which is truly the best way! Be happy and peace of the Divine Prescence be with you all!

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