Dealing with Loss and Suicide

In case you missed it, you can watch the video of my Facebook Live event from last week where I spoke about dealing with the loss of loved ones, including pets, as well as what people should really know about suicide.  Parts I and II are available here:

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4 thoughts on “Dealing with Loss and Suicide

  1. Michelle Pyne says:

    I lost the live of my life, my soulmate to suicide 7 years ago. I am grieving constantly. I feel as if no one knows how much I suffer. After being in a couple of abusive relationships, God put Gino in my life, only to lose him so tragically. It has forever traumatized me. I suffer from PTSD, depression, complete isolation, anxiety and panic disorder. I can’t forgive myself for not listening to him when he was telling me that he wanted to shoot himself. I’ve had dreams with him and he is always abandoning me. I grew up Catholic and was told suicide is a mortal sin. I have to know why, and if he’s okay. And if he blames me. If he was unhappy with me. Please can you help. I’ve been suicidal myself and hospitalized several times. I can’t get past this. It’s ripping my soul apart. I miss and love him more. Thank you for reading this


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