Memorial Day

Today we remember and honor all our veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for their countries. Today we pay tribute to all our fallen servicemen, women, and animals too.

Many members of my own family have served through the generations. Some lost their lives

I love watching documentaries of past wars realizing how my loved ones’ sacrifices have been instrumental in making my life presently content.

Just think what our world would be like today if they did not stand up for our freedoms! May they and their struggles never be forgotten or taken for granted. We are so blessed! Thank you to all the men, women, and animals who gave their lives for us all.

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Veterans Day

I just wanted to wish all our service men and women a Happy Veterans Day and to thank them for all they do.

Two of my nephews are are currently serving. My family has a long history in the military. All of my Irish cousins who came to this country fought in World War I. My great uncle who was a machine gunner on the front lines actually died on Armistice Day. Two of my uncles also served in the Navy in World War II, and I had a cousin who served in Vietnam. Sadly, he was killed just days before he was supposed to return home.

Several more family members are veterans of the military in the UK and Ireland. I would never forget the contributions of women in my family. My aunt was an ambulance corps worker on the front lines in World War I before becoming a nun.

Our veterans have done so much for us, and they deserve to be respected and honored for their service!!!

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