Archangel Inspiration

“The Seal Of The Seven Archangels” is my latest piece created with marker, gel pen and nail polish on a 11″ x 14″ mixed media paper. While working on a series on Sacred Geometry, I was impressed to create this piece representing each of the archangels.

The numbers depicted throughout this piece all symbolize something. 7809 represents the Angels of meditation, connection, guidance, spiritual work and healing. 9912 represents financial empowerment and new financial opportunities. 96 represents serenity with 444488 representing world peace. Finally, the number 787 represents Archangel Michael, one of the most powerful Archangels out of them all.

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Sacred Geometry Series

I have decided to create a series honoring sacred geometry. “Sacred Geometry Abstract #1″ is available now on eBay. This is a mixed media piece using marker, acrylic paint, gel pens and nail polish. It expresses my love for bold colors.

#abstractart #spirituality #sacredgeometry #geometric

Happy New Year!

I want to wish you all a happy, healthy and safe new year!!!

I know we are all happy to say good riddance to 2020. The souls have said 2021 will be a more hopeful year. Just don’t expect everything to magically get better at the stroke of midnight. The souls say things will gradually get better, and as always, it is up to us to make the difference.

Following masking and social distancing policies and all those other recommendations by health officials will speed the process. Ignoring them will slow it down.

#HappyNewYear #2021 #spirituality #hope

New Artwork

Search George Anderson Art on eBay to see all my latest artwork available for bidding. “The Beauty Of Winter’s First Snowfall” Is made with acrylic paint and plaster on a 7″ x 13″ MDF board. While reminiscing on my childhood playing in the snow, I wanted to create a piece that strikes the sense of nostalgia in all of us.

#abstractart #spirituality #snowfall

Tranquility in Trying Times

I have new artwork available on eBay including “Mental Focus.” This was created using marker on 12″ x 12″ vellum paper. My inspiration was to make a piece that would create a sense of calm and peacefulness to the observer. Using soft colors and a unique pattern, I feel this piece emits a sense of tranquility that I think we all are in need of.

#abstractart #spirituality #tranquility #medium