Happy Easter!!!

Easter brings us the joys and hopes of Spring The end of the dreary and dreadful Winter (for me at least) and the renewal of new things to come. A memorable time as many of us recall being youngsters and wearing our new Easter outfits and receiving gifts from family and friends. We can still feel the loss of loved ones, of course. Especially, if they played a unique role for us at this time of year, and yet we should always remember that they are closer to us now as in other special times throughout the year. So enjoy the pleasant memories of them! I am sure they will be delighted! Easter is a time of life renewing itself. So look forward to new beginnings. A time for spiritual resurrection as well, according to your own belief system. So Happy Easter to all who celebrate it.

Thank You

Thank you to all who joined me in Lindenhurst last night for my Live event at the Stidio Theatre Long Island.  It was a homecoming for me with my old grammar school OLPH just across the street.  I’m sure we’ll do another event there in the future.

Event Cancelled

Sadly, the April 30th fundraiser for the Deer Park Fire Department has been cancelled. Many of you told us you had difficulties buying tickets. The fire department had several issues with the programs that were set up to allow people to buy tickets online. Because of these issues, the event has been cancelled.

California Private Sessions Fully Booked

All of the private sessions for my California Tour are booked. However, you can still get tickets to my Live seminar events including readings of audience members:
Los Angeles, August 20th
Fresno, August 24th
San Francisco, August 28th
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Special Deal For Limited Time Only!!!

We have a special April treat for my budget conscious fans who are a bit more tech savvy than I am. The ebook of LIFE BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH is available for $1.99 for a limited time only through all U.S. retailers. Visit your favorite online retailer today!


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Next Facebook Live!

I hope you’ll join me for my next Facebook Live on Thursday, March 30th at 8pm ET.  I’ll be discussing what the souls do in the Hereafter (it was a top suggestion when I asked for your input on the topics you’d like me to discuss).  I’ll also be sharing what the souls tell me about their regrets from their lives on earth.  As always, I’ll be answering your questions on this topic, as well.


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s day to all! Today is a celebration of Ireland’s patron saint and a celebration for all of those with Irish roots, including my own family on the maternal side. I always remind people that the Irish had a truly tough time when they came to the USA. They were not welcomed warmly, mainly because of being Roman Catholics. My own family experienced dreadful prejudice due to their Irish birth, but the Irish are survivors and certainly have proven that to the world. I really do appreciate my ancestors’ struggles, and I do appreciate them for it. It has made my life easier as second generation American!

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