June Facebook Live

Join me for my next Facebook Live, Monday, June 17th at 7pm ET.
***Remember, all questions must be submitted DURING the Facebook Live. Please, only ONE question per person, and my staff asks the questions in the order in which they are posted. Asking your question multiple times will NOT get it answered sooner. Also, I will NOT be able to answer questions about specific individuals in this setting.***
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Event Passes On Sale Now

Full weekend passes are available now for the Milford Readers and Writers Festival in September. My panel Life After Life is scheduled for Sunday, September 22nd.

Passes are for sale here https://milfordreadersandwriters.com

Tickets for individual events will be made available at a later date, but right now, only full event passes are available.

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Time is Running Out

Less than an hour left to bid on one of me new pieces of art including “Winter in Spring,” “The Magical Unicorn” and “Distorted Flowers.” Just search George Anderson Art on eBay.

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Art Work Available Now

Just a few days left to get one of my latest pieces of artwork including “Through the Cosmos” and “Flowers From My Love.” Just search George Anderson Art on eBay.
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New Artwork

My latest artwork including “Soaring Upwards” and “Walking Through the Kaleidoscope” are available on eBay now!

Just 2 days in this auction!

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms here and in the Hereafter.
Mother’s Day can be a struggle for those whose moms are in the Hereafter – and for bereaved moms who are not physically with their children. However, the souls assure us that they are still with us and closer than we can possibly imagine.
They ask us to find joy where we can and whenever we can. They also want us to complete our spiritual journeys here, remembering each day brings us one day closer to our joyous reunion.
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