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215 thoughts on “Share Your Thoughts

  1. Lotus says:

    Dear George, Thank you so much for all the sessions! Yesterday’s was our last before travelling home. Toward the end you mentioned an Ed or Fred. Didn’t know at the time; but I think that was our friend, Edwin, who passed over 20 years ago, so you nailed it, as always! Our sessions with you have been some of the brightest spots in our lives and we looked forward to them with joy and anticipation. God bless you, George! Will be visiting you before too long and maybe bringing Hermie along 🙂


  2. Joyce-JK FELDMANN says:

    I was in a group session with Mr. Anderson in September of 1990 and my deceased husband and I had a private session with him in February of 1991. During those sessions, he relayed personal information from departed family and friends that confirmed without question the life does not end with death and that love never ends. You are a heavenly blessing. I thank God for allowing us to hear from them through you.
    You Wishing you a safe and healthy journey throughout your life. JK Feldmann


  3. Laurie Anderson says:

    George thank you for the discernment on April 22, 2020. Some of the information we received I didn’t understand, but my family explained after. I was so intent on hearing everything. I didn’t really hear everything. You are amazing with an amazing gift. You gave some personal information to us that touched my heart and made me somewhat sad. Struggles are real, confining and sometimes an opposition. I am so thankful for you as I am sure thousands are. I love your personality and wit. Bless you and all of the spirits that surround you!


  4. Yvonne Ceslak says:

    I have a strong interest in our pets, as I work dog and cat rescue. There is a book on the passing of a pet, I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN, by Friar Jack Wintz. This book states many of the same outlooks on when pets die as George discusses on this subject. Very reassuring. Perhaps George is familiar with it.


  5. Kevin says:

    Hi George I’ve read ur books and studied ur thought process and find u to be a man that knows compassion . Ur gift is unique but uncomfortable to accept . I am reasonably sure we carry the same burden. I hope our journeys in life cross some day because I have no doubt we will gain strength from one another . Till that day occurs I hope we will endure. The weight is so overcoming sometimes that I truly wish compassion had never opened a door I can’t close! When we leave who will be left to share the tears!


  6. Elizabeth Griffin says:

    83 yrs old, read George.s book, wonderfully done, would love a reading, how ever ?
    I have been an Astrologer for the last 50 yrs and with relatives, family ,friend.s sick and dying
    around me is very hard. I usually rent rooms on my House to make money but the covid problem has disrupted this, so it is very hard to make any money, having said that I am not asking for a hand out but I am very depressed and would ask George to help me by Praying for me as I know
    he is very busy. thank you Elizabeth,God Bless you George.


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