5 thoughts on “askgeorgeanderson

  1. Joan kellie says:

    Wow amazing.wish I could meet you I really need to know why my sister died what happened? It’s been over 3 years and the 22 of January is her birthday.. You are my only hope of finding out the truth..


  2. Robin Michelle Messer says:

    i would love to know if my sister is ok …she passed in 1991 and i still cant turn loose there were things involved in her live that were not right she left behind a child ! if i had money i would gladly pay what ever your cost..i just saw you on a Tv show


    • George Anderson says:

      Put your mind at ease. I’m sure your sister is okay. We leave this life at the time we are meant to when we complete our journeys here on earth and the souls simply ask their loved ones do their best to continue on and complete their own journeys.


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